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Listowel Ontario Canada – the other Listowel

May 22, 2010 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: Uncategorized

Greetings to Listowel Canada. Hopefully the citizens of Listowel will find this blogpost and realise they’re in our thoughts today.

When you do a Twitter search for Listowel, you find plenty of people tweeting about Listowel Ontario. I think this serves to keep us on our toes in Ireland. We can easily assume we are the only Listowel in the world – we are the centre of the Universe. It’s much more marvellous to realise that there is another Listowel across the Atlantic…

I wonder if Listowel Canada has a literary festival? Writers there? Of course there are plenty of people in every Listowel writing away.

The Listowel Paddyfest began in 1977 – according to Wikipedia.

from an idea put forth by Dave Murtha to honour the large numbers of persons of Irish ancestry present in the Listowel area and is largely maintained by the Kinsmen and Kinette clubs of Listowel.

Maybe someone from Paddyfest would be kind enough to link with us here…

Michael Reeves sent these wishes to Listowel Writers’ Week

June 06, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: connections, events, painters & paintings, poem, starting up

Apologies for not posting these earlier.

Michael (Mick) Reeves is from Limerick. We met at school. He is a fine painter and he lives in Clare and spends time in Murcia, Spain, where the light is special.

He sent me this text to pass on to Listowel Writers’ Week via the blog:

“From Spain I hear a body of voices
quiet moments for head and heart.
In your festival of words,
in the rhythm of the moment,
let words fall in all the colour of confetti at your feet…”

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