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Biography of this blog:

This blog was born as a result of a conversation between Patrick Stack and Paul O’Mahony in March 2009 – both mad enthusiastic supporters of Listowel Writers’ Week.

Patrick comes from Kerry. Paul from Limerick. (Paul’s been to one Writers’ Week in 2007)

What type of blog is this?

It is on the fringe, meaning that we alone are responsible for its content, its cock-ups, mistakes and whateverelse we get wrong.

But we’re not here to speak for LWW. They can do that for themselves.

Purpose of this blog:

We aim to produce a blog of the festival, building up before it goes live, and continuing in some way afterwards. We’ll be in Listowel for LWW. We shall publish as frequently as we can during the event.

We intend to:

(1) write about Listowel and LWW in general

(2) write about the writers, painters, actors, storytellers

(3) publish photographs

(4) record and podcast interviews with whoever will talk to us

(5) offer a place where others can publish their views

(6) be open to new ideas about how we can make this the best ever blog of a literary festival


We would love you to contribute to this blog. The blog will be all the richer for being a product of multitudinous voices.

  • If you’ve ever been to the festival, you might like to say something about what your remember…

If you can’t make it to this year’s festival, why not follow the festival via this blog – have your own virtual festival

  • If you have a favourite whom you love to read, how about letting us know, even write a review of something written by one of this year’s writers.

One of the exciting things about LWW is the mix of famous and unknown. One of the new writer’s, unknown to many, may become a world name some day.

  • If you’re one of the new writers, why not write a piece for this blog?

14 Comments to “About”

  1. Guys, I’m a blogger (currently taking a short rest after emigrating) who’s just moved to Listowel. Need any help?

    • Greetings Whitehall Webby. Great to hear from you. I see that you’ve been doing interesting work for a UK government department around improving the way government used digital media. We could do with that in Ireland.

      Does your comment mean that you’ve emigrated from UK to Listowel, Co Kerry, Ireland? Or Listowel North Perth Australia? Or, for that matter another Listowel in Canada?

      If, by any chance you are in Listowel, Kerry, we’ll grasp your hand enthusiastically as helper, and offer you all sorts of roles.

      Is it possible that you continue to do the Whitehall job from Listowel, thereby demonstrating the extraordinary magic of connectedness that the web facilitates?

      We were hoping to attract some unusual bees to this honeypot.

      We could meet up perhaps? In Listowel Kerry, certainly – or somewhere convenient for Patrick who’s in Clare and me in Cork.

      Wecome again.

  2. Thanks for the great pictures and the story about Gabriel Byrne. I wish I could be there, for James O’Neill and for Colm Toibin. And others whom I do not know but for whom I somehow feel a kindred spiritedness (or something)…And for Mr. Byrne, of course. I appreciate your blog very much. Great job! Best. Stella

  3. Hi lads,
    this is a great idea. I’m a Clare writer with a Kerry name + it’s been years since I’ve been to Listowel for the Festival. I think I’d feel more at home @ The Fringe rather than the Binge.

    eddie stack


  4. Hey Eddie, thanks for the kind words. Maybe you could join us next week?

  5. Anna O'Leary says:

    One of the highlights for me has been that fantastic hour in the Listowel Arms hotel listening to music and poetry by Louis de BerniĆ©res and Ilone Antonius-Jones. I had expected some book readings, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, but the blend of poetry, classical and traditional music and badinage just blew me away. Afterwards they joined the crowd on the openair terrace overlooking the racecourse to listen to traditional Irish by Dubliners musician, John Sheehan. It’s hard to beat the atmosphere at Listowel.

  6. Audrey Dunphy says:

    Hi Paul and Pat Thank you for everything I was so surprised to see myself on the site, the week was brilliant as usual.

    I need a holiday to get over it ,everyone was fantastic especialy my hero !

    John Sheahan ,just love him .lololololol


    • Audrey,
      Lovely to hear from you. I’ll never forget meeting you for the first time. You brightened up Listowel with your glow. Tis I who should be thanking you.

      There is more to come: more photos, and especially more audio and video. By the time we’ve finished it’ll be Listowel Writers’ Week again.

      Your hero will feature, as will yourself.

      Enjoy the holiday. Stay in touch.

  7. Sean Flood says:

    Hi guy’s,
    just thought I’d join the list of well-wishers and congratulate you on the site.
    HOWEVER ! may I suggest a little more of the video links. It would have been great to watch Terry Jones again (even though he had no mic on). Your video of Mr. Byrne had my head spinning but at least I could hear it.
    Again, WELL DONE on opening a new page ! Looking forward to next year and maybe a live broadcast ??


    • Sean,
      Welcome. Thank you very much for the congrats. We poured our all into it. And there is a lot more to come.
      Thanks too for the prod to put up more video links. We will I promise. We could have kept two techies going full time behind the scenes.

      A live broadcast would indeed by possible. A webcam operating? I’m the least technically able of our team so maybe Patrick or Jeremy would like to comment on the technical feasibility of it.

      Stay in touch.

  8. To make the occasion on 22 July 2009 – the day I posted some fundamental questions about the future of this blog…

    It’ll be interesting and important to see who joins in – to see whether a discussion takes off – to help us all think through

    what on earth are we going to do with this beauty?

  9. Fintan Murphy says:

    Hi Paul (and Pat),

    Have looked in here a few times and enjoyed reading the various bits and pieces, though the whole thing is a bit overwhelming.
    Paul, I particularly enjoyed, and could identify with, your pieces about how you felt, your famous Moleskine, and what Listowel meant to you etc!
    Was of course DEVASTATED that no one recognised me!!! :-) (Of course that kept me from posting anything for a while; then I forgot about it.
    Anyway …
    Hope the writing is going well for you, and hope to meet you again at future literary events.
    Best wishes, Fintan.

  10. Fintan welcome. Thank goodness you’ve turned up. There were people all over Kerry with the photograph asking in every bookshop for you.

    People were too shy to ask Brenda Woulfe.

    I found corroborating evidence here


    Thank you too for your kind encouraging comments.

  11. Thanks for posting that link about my book The Girl in the Wardrobe. Its great to get some feedback. I hope to be at Listowel this year and I hope to have my book in the shops down there. I can do an interview about the book and about winning the memoir award. Cheers Jennifer.


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