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Lynn Roberts won the poetry collection prize @ Listowel Writers’ Week

June 04, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: competition, creative writing, participants, poem, poet, poetry

Lynn Roberts with Dillon Boyer

Lynn Roberts with Dillon Boyer

At the “Meet the Bloggers” event in Lynch’s Bakery & Cafe,
Lynn Roberts gave us this poem from her winning collection of 12 poems …

Isn’t it a beauty?

Let us consider the translator:

amphibian; moving between elements,
breathing water, breathing air; ingesting
complex planktons under the shark’s
political eye; excreting guano
to fertilize mutual incomprehension;

immigrant loomsman, weaving
from diplomacy’s exquisite fine wool
interlaced carpets of Isphahan or
coarse drugget; making peace or trade;

oenologist, brain yeasty
with spores; fermenting words, converting must
to Chateauneuf du Pape, and standing wine
to vinegar; Homer to Pope, or
poetry to motion;

interpreting the shuttered circles of
a zoo-bound bear into the ordinary round,
or moonlit howl into doleur de vivre;

intermediate woman,
sieving the Sanskrit grunts and verbal
hieroglyphs of teenage speech
through mesh of instinct, winnowing out
the little knotted, folded seeds and grains,
searching for meaning in the alien corn.

Let us consider the translator,
through whom words pass, like water, like wine.

Lynn Roberts.

first published in the book of Writers’ Week Competition Winners.

3 Comments to “Lynn Roberts won the poetry collection prize @ Listowel Writers’ Week”

  1. I’ve added hyperlinks, because this poem is rich in concrete & evocative words.
    Hyperlinking Lynn produced all sorts of interesting information about a very talented&generous person.

    I wonder if Lynn Roberts will approve. If she doesn’t, I’ll remove them.

    What do you think? Do hyperlinks help you, or distract?

  2. Lynn Roberts,
    Could you have said a nicer thing? Boswell wow. First time anyone has every mentioned me in his breath. What they say about me behind my back I can only imagine; I think I’m too messy to appeal to a Johnson lover.

    Your point about the blog drawing attention to lesser known aspects of Listowel Writers’ Week is spot on. We set out to do LWW in the round.

    For me, after two Writers’ Weeks, the experience has drawn writers, writing, music, song together into a blur. It’s Listowel Conversation Week for me. Like those minutes we sat beside each other in Lynch’s Bakery, by accident. And I was able to say to your face what I’d been thinking while in your audience.

    Your accessibility, winner of the coveted prize for Best Collection of Poetry 2009, joining us around a table and lingering – this is the stuff of the good life. In that little bubble, all the disturbance of international crises and personal pain, melted in the sort of sublimation I associate with Brunhilde’s immolation, the ultimately redeeming final chord of Wagner’s Ring.

    Hyperbole, yes. Listowel brings out the Whitmanesque impulse in me. Which must be why I’m so chuffed to be helping make this blog happen.

  3. Thank you v much MichaellaS. I’m delighted to get your feedback: it’s being a pleasure.


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