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The 9pm meal in Allo’s has one seat left at the table

May 30, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: Uncategorized

This is going to be a good meal.

The company superb.

I’m reminded of that Paris table where Proust met James Joyce for the first and, I think, only time. Dada was there and I’ve started a novel about it.

Imagine the conversation that night. It’ll be every bit as good around our company.

Philip Byrne joins us: he’s the best ‘concrete’ poet I’ve ever met.

Mary Lavery Carrig, part-time teacher in Tarbert Comprehensive School, part of the vital hinterland that so feeds Writers’ Week.

Jack Deacy, American man who took her photograph in Listowel and led to her writing a short short story that I have put away for safe keeping, and will post soon.

Patrick Stack, who’s celebratory because, due to Philip’s intervention, he succeeded in putting up his first ever audio file – Rebecca Miller reads.

And me, who’s going to be revived by the company and the place. Allo’s is a special treat. Another time I’ll tell you the story of how the Wiffed and I stumbled into it, and came away with an altered perception of North Kerry, if not the whole Irish race.

You’re welcome to join us…

7 Comments to “The 9pm meal in Allo’s has one seat left at the table”

  1. Ronan Tynan What a wonderful table……………….love to join it. Ronan

  2. You’re in Ronan!

  3. And it was a superb meal – great conversation with fantastic company.

    • With the most extraordinary generosity by Philip Byrne. We’ve committed ourselves to eating 5 more meals together with him in order to repay him, haven’t we?

  4. So, is all that tucking in around a table cloth going to happen soon?

  5. Yes. I invite the table to resume its deliberations at LWW 2010. I challenge the group to make even better conversation and re-vitalise itself by catching new blood.

    Allo’s again – definitely. The seats at that table will be gold dust eh?

  6. mary lavery carrig says:

    delicious thought
    gold dust? yes!


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