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Head for the pub = Terry’s advice #listww09

May 30, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: Uncategorized

Terry Gilliam & you question first…

Documentaries are such a learning curve says Terry. History at school was so boring…

Lots of researchers reading all the books for you. Experts giving you their latest theories…

No more Python series…

Richard III Henry’s propaganda… Kalamazoo brought up by Terry Jones.

Richard II seems to have been a horrible person and sold up all a pup…

For a person who learned no history in school, Terry Jones has become a walking historian. Proves that no matter how bad your school teacher, within reason, you can discover an interest in stuff that went past you.

John Mc Carthy throws in a funny comment about how things sunk into bogs in Ireland and how the present political leadership is risen from a bog.

Why so little written about Gun Powder Plot?

Terry says that’s a good question. Maybe it’s that the Americans aren’t interested.

Huge applause…

Louis de Berniere in here at 7pm – 35 minutes.

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