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Who sacked Rome? Who’s really guilty?

May 30, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: Uncategorized

It wasn’t the Christian Brothers.

Augustine say the invaders took over and did so fairly peacefully. It wasn’t the Goths.

Attila the Hun, from the east. 15,000 Huns a mercenary army… I think I was told at school that it was Attila.

AD451 invasion to rescue a damsel in distress… probably true… The family want AWOL = Terryspeak.

If this guy was lecturing in university, people would attend lectures.

The Pope stopped Atilla the Hun, turned back after conversation with the Pope. Did some sort of deal… Pope Leo was bishop of Rome trying to make him chief christian figure… Attila died drunk… lasting achievement was the establishment of the Pope.

Not Hun, not Goths… who?

Ah, the Vandals – they did it. Sophisticated people, wore sandals, had bars, hunting, art, poetry. Vandal poetry eh…

Another damsel in distress enters the story: Geiseric loved Rome, urban renewal program.

Christians didn’t stop the killing in the Arena.

Terry breaks the news: teh Romans destroyed Rome. The Pope did it.

Heresy – council of nicea… Pontifex Maximus = the Pope.

Warm applause…

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