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Accommodation in Listowel (3)

May 23, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: Accommodation, localinfo, organisers, participants, photographs, poetry, poets

I’m sorted. Got a phone call this morning from Listowel to say I can stay with the couple who put me up in 2007.

I must have done something right. The universe is looking after me, eh.

This is so much better than staying with someone new, and staying out in Abbeyfeale.

I’ll be able to drink freely, and toddle home late at night after those sessions with George Rowley

George Rowley when he was younger

George Rowley when he was younger

in the New Kingdom Bar.

If you still haven’t sorted out your B&B in Listowel, don’t worry: the universe will look after you – pick up the phone to Norella Moriarty now.

2 Comments to “Accommodation in Listowel (3)”

  1. can this really be George Rowley when he was younger ? This picture bears a striking resemblance to Matti Lennon . Compare it to the picture of Matti with Billy Keane . Perhaps that is the joke , – I am very slow on the uptake ,as they say !

    • Pauline,
      I was wondering how long it would be before someone spotted the mistake. The photo is indeed Mattie Lennon. I found that out in Listowel, when I was showing George Rowley the blogpost about himself. It was a genuine mistake by me. I really did look at the photo of Mattie and think ‘that’s a young George Rowley’.

      It was fun telling both of them about it. I decided not to correct it in order to see who’d pop up to correct it. You win the honour. I’ll fix it now.


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