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Jennifer Johnston reading

June 04, 2010 By: Blog Team Category: 2010, novels

Thursday 3rd June at 5pm, Jennifer Johnston reading in St. John’s Theatre and Arts Centre

For a memorable hour this afternoon Jennifer Johnston held her audience enthralled with her witty ‘off the cuff’ remarks, family anecdotes and readings from her work.
Although she spoke a great deal about her family she emphasised that her novels are not about them – despite what they believe!

Jennifer read two VIVID extracts from her novel “Truth or Fiction“. This was followed by a Question and Answer session during which we learnt that one of her literary influences is E.M. Forster, despite the facte that “he wrote some awful passages.”

We also learnt that a film of her novel “Two Moons” is in the planning stages. Gabriel Byrne has written the script and wants to play the part of the angel. Jennifer confessed to being unsure about that as she visualised Danny de Vito in the role.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to hear her.

Pauline Fayne

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