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“Listowel Hangover” – poem by Pauline Fayne

April 02, 2010 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: creative writing, historical, poem, poems, poet

Listowel hangover.

“There‚Äôs a dog with hairs to spare
above in Keanes “

says Minnesota Larry -
but I take myself and my headache
to the blessed theatre of St John,
into an unexpected overture
of music that would sunder rocks
and cement mixer sound effects
from a man with the voice of twenty,
then quickstep through
a skull soothing downpour
to a place of storytellers
where Portlaoise Pats words
lift the caul of pain,
carry me to a moonlit Baggot Street
to glimpse again an old friends
Guinness dark eyes
and courtly bow.

1 Comments to ““Listowel Hangover” – poem by Pauline Fayne”

  1. Patrick Stack says:

    I was at “Portlaoise Pat’s” reading as you so aptly put it, too Pauline. And some of his poems affected me quite deeply. I also remember the downpour – it was something else.
    I love the poem. Thanks for putting it up.


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