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The future of this blog

July 22, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: connections, Imagining, Reflections

Ever since the idea of developing a blog around and in honour of Listowel Writers’ Week came to me, I’ve been thinking about the future of this blog.

  • Is it to live?
  • Is it to carry on after Writers’ Week 2009?
  • Or is it to be given a decent wake, burial & obituary?
  • If it is to live, in what form?
  • If it is to carry on, what form should it take, and in whose hands?
  • If it is to be closed down, how best to do that, and when?

I would like to invite views…

I would like to give everyone who is interested a chance to have their say?

There may be other future-oriented questions: if members of the audience, the community, the ‘tribe‘, would like to put fundamental questions on the table, please do.

There is only one now, and now is the time to have your say…

6 Comments to “The future of this blog”

  1. I think the blog could continue . There must be many people who have stories to tell about their past experiences of Listowel , photos to share , poems and short stories that they have written in the workshops, love stories that began at Listowel Writers Week ,(I’m just an old romantic at heart !).
    I see no reason why it cannot continue until next years Writers Week ,but that said I do realise that it has been you and Jeremy and Patrick who have put so much time and effort into keeping it going .I ,and I am sure many others really appreciate it but we can hardly complain if you feel it is time to bring it to an end…

    • Thanks Pauline. It’s good to have your view. I hope several others will chip in, saying what they think we should do with the blog.

      Meanwhile, I’m committed to add in more content from 2009.

      So come on readers, please leave a comment here.

  2. I suggest that you keep the blog alive. As a blogger, I understand that it’s difficult to keep posting…maybe you should consider inviting guest to contribute.

    • Eddie,
      Thank you very much for the encouragement. I welcome and smile at your suggestion that we should consider inviting guests to contribute.

      Perhaps we haven’t done it well, but we have done our best to encourage people, guests, to contribute. From the start we have invited people to write for the blog. Many have. But I do wish more would.

      Perhaps you’d write a piece…

  3. Hi there Paul an’all !
    I have regularly tuned in to this bloggers site. Mile maith agaibh for zest and energies displayed in written contributions these months past.
    The site has it’s own fascinating angles on LWW and it seems to me that it would be a loss to see it fold.
    There is an inherent value in such open forum.

  4. Mary,
    Forgive me. The bloody spam buried your December comment until today (May). What a joy it is to remember meeting you last year. That wonderful meal so full of fun and inspiring chat and company.
    This blog will not fold – yet. We are gearing up for 2010 and about to go loud into action.

    But we need help now. Patrick, Jeremy and myself are not enough. We worked our asses off in 2009, and I’m a year older and a year less able to so much. Anyway, the best sort of blog would be a blog of many many voices. I’d like to open this blog up to the wider world – anyone who’d like to help generate content. After all the readers are diverse, the content publishers should be just as various.

    Could I entice you into become a select member of the club of LWW fringe blog contributors? You could do your own thing and bring in your contacts as well. I’m going to put out a call for help soon, but you would be wonderful to have with us.

    Any chance?


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