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Pauline Frayne’s poem on J B Keane

July 22, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: creative writing, historical, participants, poem, poet, poetry

Pauline sent this poem in a comment to a piece by Mattie Lennon. So that it get the audience it deserves, I’m posting it in a page of its own.

A Farewell for John B Keane

It is four ten a.m.
on the morning after your funeral
and a litany of birds
broadcast a requiem of grace notes
over the mourning town
as I try to negotiate
a straight line
between the Square and Charles Street.

Finally finding the right angle to the corner
I meet your pensive gaze
from a photograph in Landys’ window
and understand
why you once barred me
for not drinking,
while Mary,who held the keys
said softly
‘Don’t worry , you’ll be alright tomorrow’

Pauline Fayne .
(from ‘I’m Fine Really
Stonebridge Publications 2005

2 Comments to “Pauline Frayne’s poem on J B Keane”

  1. does it sound ungrateful of me to point out that there
    is no R in my surname ??

  2. I didn’t make a list !!! and I don’t want you to go any trouble if its a complicated thing to correct it , I’m sure you have enough to be getting on with….


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