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Who’s this performer @ Listowel Writers’ Week 2009?

July 12, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: competition, events, starting up

Quiz question number 5: the man with the sax…

[Question 5 in a series of 10: grand prize to the person who gets most right.]

His name please?

3 Comments to “Who’s this performer @ Listowel Writers’ Week 2009?”

  1. Bears a certain resemblance to a Robert Zimmerman, but it can’t be him, since Bob doesn’t play sax!

  2. Anna O'Leary says:

    He looks like one of the Curtins from tralee. Is it Alfie Curtin….the old DJ and the Kerry Blues band. DJ is still in Las Vegas I think.

    • Anna,
      The reason I haven’t commented on your answer is that I don’t know the answer myself. I know the face but not the name. I need to find someone to give an authorative answer.

      You may well be right but who’ll be the judge on this?


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