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Who’s this performer @ Listowel Writers’ Week 09?

July 11, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: competition, quiz

Quiz question number 4 : the man in the hat?

The first person to name that man wins this question…

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6 Comments to “Who’s this performer @ Listowel Writers’ Week 09?”

  1. Anna O'Leary says:

    He’s an American poet who was in the Advanced Poetry workshop with me etc. I have a poem in a book ( ah, which book) that he gave me… his name on it? Must search.

  2. He looks very like one Thomas P. Gilmartin Snr. from Ohio who was busily giving out little poems on bits of paper to all and sundry. I put one up in the blog.

  3. Yes. It’s Patrick Stack who gets there first, pips Anna O’Leary at the post.

    I see this going down to the wire. I think that makes it 2-2?
    Better check.

  4. Anna O'Leary says:

    Only pipped me because I couldn’t find the pic to put up his name!!!!
    Good luck… I’m still trying. wink wink

  5. mary lavery carrig says:

    Anna, you are priceless, wink wink


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