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Who’s this performer @ Listowel Writers’ Week 2009?

July 08, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: competition, creative writing, events, participants, photographs

The first in a new quiz series: I’ll think up a suitable prize, or we could offer an opportunity to a sponsor…

Let’s say there will be 10 photographs: the winner is the person who comments in most correct answers.

4 Comments to “Who’s this performer @ Listowel Writers’ Week 2009?”

  1. The venue looks like the Writers’ Centre in the Square, Listowel. And the event is a launch of some kind. As to who the person at the podium is I have an idea but the name won’t come to me just now.

  2. LOL. Well I didn’t say it was going to be easy…

  3. Anna O'Leary says:

    Yes, it is Cara Trant at the Seanchai Literary Centre in the Square, She is introducing the poetry readings by three distuingshed poets.

    CARA TRANT is the manager at the Seanchai Literary Centre.

  4. Winner of question 1 of 10 – leading in the clubhouse: Anna O’Leary


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