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Google Alert for Listowel Writers’ Week

October 27, 2009 By: ana Category: blogs, connections, journalism

Magic. It’s magic the way Google Alert brings stuff to your attention.

Whenever anyone, anywhere, publishes anything about Listowel Writers’ Week, I get it within hours. I don’t have to go looking for it. I can relax in the confidence that if Listowel is out there being talked about or written about, I’ll be in the loop.

This is how I came to discover a your Irish student journalist.

Robert Babington from Tralee: his blog is “The Write Stuff” - so he knows his Wolfe.

All he did was mention the woman who questioned Seamus Heaney @ LWW08. But Google Alert introduced us and I left his a comment on the blog.

I feel I’ve discovered a talent who could go far, who will go a long way. He’s even on Twitter.

In Kerry South over the weekend…

September 22, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: connections

For the first time in ages, I was back in County Kerry. It was the weekend of the gathering of the Diaspora in Dublin: people came back to Ireland to contribute conversations on how to recover the country… The Global Economic Forum… I wrote a comment to a journalist who was there. He replied…


a Corkman [I'm not really a "Corkman"] in Kerry for the weekend? That must have been tough! Thanks for leaving the comments. Can I assume that the reason you were off Internet is that you forgot to bring your devices with you rather than the lack of reliable broadband in the Kingdom? We’re striving to be a digital economy, so I assume it is not the latter.

Brendan [Hughes],

Indeed you’re right. I left all my internet devices behind, so I didn’t test broadband. When I live blogged Listowel Writers’ Week in May, broadband reception was OK, but that’s an urban centre. This weekend I was out on the cliff.

Who says “we’re striving to be a digital economy”? I don’t see any striving going on. Eircom is too busy being bought & sold. The government has only one thing on its mind: damage limitation…

In Alicante, in March, I met a man who had a business providing broadband connectivity to remote places in Norway – a country far more difficult to serve than this, I’d say… Perhaps we could link better with what they’re doing over there?

I thought it would be good to put some new content up here…

Cormac MacConnell @ Irish Central writes about Listowel Writers’ Week

September 14, 2009 By: ana Category: connections

Here’s the link…

Kerry Group profits rise : LWW sponsor prospers

August 25, 2009 By: ana Category: connections

Food group Kerry has reported a 5.2 per cent rise in first-half profits despite a 3.2 per cent dip in sales…”

Kerry Group is one of the key sponsors of LWW.

Good news eh.

Joseph O’Connor on the Arts & Listowel Writers’ Week

August 17, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: connections, journalism

A fine article by Joseph O’Connor in the Irish Independent recently…


“We are not a people who will ever feel that our purpose is to grub like dung-beetles, in order to stave off the IMF. This year, at the Writers’ Week festival in Listowel, a thousand local people attended the opening night. That’s an awful lot of people for a small Irish town. I wonder could any TD in the nation draw the same?

We need the arts now. We never needed them more. To damage them would be to damage ourselves, and all we hold dear, and all we have inherited from the greats…”

Bloggers have been on summer holiday in Limerick, staying in UCH

August 16, 2009 By: ana Category: audio podcast, blogs, connections, preparations

We’ve been resting & recovering in Limerick with some Summer Music on the Shannon.

It’s been just like the Riviera. Crowded, hot, exciting and exhausting…

We’ll need a holday to recover from living with people from so many countries. Limerick has become a cosmopolitan place. Visitors from Canada, USA, Japan, Norway, UK, Spain, Italy, Kildare, Germany… and so on.

Like any hothouse there has to be a common language. It’s been music.

If you want to find out more about how hot Limerick’s been, try this link – when you have time on your hands.

We look forward to resuming normal service here soon – when we’ve recovered. Rest assured, we’ve been telling them in Limerick all about Kerry.

[One thing for sure, we hope Listowel Writers’ Week 2010 – the 40th festival – will be live streamed – broadcast live on the internet. After what they did in University Concert Hall, it should be possible…?]

Here’s another literature festival : Cheltenham

August 06, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: connections, organisers, poetry

It’s good to be aware of other literature festivals. It offers another perspective on Listowel Writers’ Week.

There will never be another literary festival like Listowel: it’s a snowflake loaded with a special atmosphere.

I’ve been to Cheltenham Literature Festival (now The Times Cheltenham Literature Festival) at least twice, maybe three times. I once competed in the UK Allcommers Poetry Slam, without distinction (but the top three performance poets were amazingly good).

This is Cheltenham’s offering this year…

George Kimball mentions Listowel Writers’ Week in an obituary

August 06, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: connections, historical, journalism, participants

‘.. .This summer I was invited to read at a literary festival, the Listowel Writers Week in Ireland. Another of the invitees was the novelist and director Rebecca Miller, who in addition to being Daniel Day-Lewis’ wife is also Arthur Miller’s daughter. One morning at our hotel there I read her the offending passage from Meyers’ book.

“That’s absurd,” she said. “I’m sure my father never believed that. A View from the Bridge and On the Waterfront were always going to be two separate plays. One had nothing to do with the other.”

I know I told Benn about that conversation when I returned from Europe. But now it occurs to be that I never got a chance to tell Budd, who would have, I suspect, found it comforting…’

Read the whole piece here, in “The Sweet Science“. This is the first time I’ve read George Kimball in the flesh, his latest column.

I must say he’s every bit a wonderful writer as he is a person. Brings back memories of having breakfast with him @LWW2009…

Work in progress to maintain the blog…

August 05, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: blogs, connections

I’ve just deleted 200 comments – all spam.

I wish there was a way to highlight all the spam, so that I could simply press a button and vanish them all.

Perhaps saying anything about spam is unwise: might it draw spam here?

Patrick Stack is so stretched with other work that it may be a while before he fixes this issue.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any bright ideas on how I could deal with spam quickly, I’m listening…

Colm Toibin @ Listowel Writers’ Week 2009

August 01, 2009 By: Paul O'Mahony Category: connections, organisers, participants, photographs

I took this photograph in Listowel Arms Hotel on the first day of Writers’ Week 2009.

Shortly after I introduced myself to Colm and told him about the blog. He said he’d be happy to be interviewed later.

However, in the fire of the festival, I never got back to him – so I’m left with “the one that got away”.

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